What’s on offer

What's on Offer

Graphic design is my business and my passion. I can help you with branding, logos and artwork, or any of the marketing collateral that you may need for business or personal projects. If you have a product that needs beautiful and compelling packaging, a company that needs a visual identity or a message you need delivered to your target audience, Revell design can help you with your graphic design, illustration and visual communications.


Logo and brand designed by Revelldesign


Poster design for Biobalance


illustrations on images for BDC


design sale banner for Instep website


Graphics for Mussel Preparation Infographic


design news letter for Wellington Water

Partner Network

If you have a unique product, a brand with a story to tell or an organisation to champion, the good people at Avoca Web Design are the right ones to help.

Avoca Web Design is a small team based in Nelson, New Zealand. What I love about them is they not only genuinely care about their clients and the results they get from their website, they also value good design. They create great websites that are easy-to-use, fast, secure and SEO optimised. Avoca Web Design love working with passionate people who help others, encourage innovation and believe in the progress of the Common Great.

All successful businesses are great communicators. They understand who they’re targeting and how to get their message across. That doesn’t happen by accident.

By blending sound strategy with copywriting flair and technical writing precision, Niki and Ewan of Bold Communications will show you how to reach the right people and inspire them to take action. They offer creative and technical writing and consulting services to meet your organisation’s changing requirements.
One of the many reasons Revelldesign cherishes this partnership is that Niki and Ewan care just as much about your organisation’s success as you do.

Logo and Brand

Brand design for Ārewa Nelson
Logo for the Nelson School of Music Sleeping with the Steinway event

Customers and consumers are very loyal to brands they know and trust. This is why it is important that your graphic designer develops a brand that is professional, memorable and which succinctly depicts your business. 
As their graphic designer, I  work closely with clients on their logo. We go through a business/market analysis and learn where clients want to position themselves, then facilitate the establishment of an identity for their product or service.
Your brand will distinguish your business and set it on a path where consumers will identify with it and learn to recognise it as one to trust. This is why getting it right is so important.
Brand guidelines
Many companies also choose to have brand guidelines produced to ensure consistency when other designers or web developers are using their brand – this includes recommendations for how the logo is to be used (minimum size, clear space, how it is displayed on different backgrounds) as well as business colours and their breakdowns. Guidelines also suggested company fonts (header and body fonts) that suit the brand.
Business cards, letterheads and other stationery
Once developed it is then easy to extrapolate your brand out into all the business collateral you require. Having your brand on all your business documents helps clients and customers identify with you and gives your business a polished, professional look.


Print Artwork

design of folders for BDC including artwork
Design Expo table wrap for Smart Flower

Print design covers anything that is produced in hard copy. This can be business and rack cards, letterheads and folders, as well as advertising for magazines and newspapers.
Marketing collateral for conferences
We produce marketing materials, including bags and other collateral for conferences including posters, table talkers and table wraps. These materials ensure your business is professionally presented, making a memorable impact on both your clients, customers and competitors, while delivering your message in innovative ways.
Reports and Proposals
Revell design can ensure your reports and proposals are sharp and distinctive to set you above your competitors and present your company in a professional manner.
Book and layout design
Revelldesign has worked on a number of book design projects, including the redesign of the immensely successful Treat Your Own series by Sir Robin McKenzie.
Packaging design
Make sure your products are eye catching and appealing with beautiful and innovative packaging design.


design Infograph for Salmon Aquaculture NZ

What is infograph design?
Infograph design is a wonderful way of presenting complex information or data that otherwise would be difficult for someone outside your expertise or industry to understand.

Infographs are a particular passion of mine, I enjoy the challenge of interpreting data or specialised information and presenting it as a visual story that enables others to understand the messages her clients want to share.

Infographs work well for scientists and specialists where information collected may not be particularly digestible for those outside of the industry. It is also very suitable for presenting research programmes and results. I have developed infographs for the fishing industry, creating interesting and compelling ways to put across important information and recently I have been working with scientists within the Cawthron Institute to present research proposals and findings.

Have a story to tell?
Every picture tells a story, as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion. Companies large and small are using infographics to build their brands, educate their audience and simply to tell a story.
Consider whether your information could benefit from this innovative approach.


Illustration for Kaitiaki o Ngahere by Revelldesign

Why use illustrations?

Illustrations can give your business and message more creative flair. They can also help immensely if your project requires conceptual imagery. One of my strengths is the ability to illustrate in a variety of styles allowing me to produce imagery that is compatible with different brands and marketplaces. Illustration can be pure pen, paper and paint or digital using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and a tablet.

Web Graphics

Azwood flame created by Revelldesign

Customise your website with graphics 

It’s easy to have an average generic website but to elevate your site sometimes you just need graphics that are specific to your needs or that reflect your brand.

I can work with your web designer to create creative assets they can use to customise your site. 
This may mean some illustration or photoshop effects to elevate your photographs or custom made icons that tie into your company brand.

Business Documents

Business report designed for Aquaculture New Zealand

Present your documents professionally 

Let’s face it, Microsoft Word is a great word processing tool. However one thing it is not is a design tool. If you want professional looking documents, they need to be designed in an appropriate tool.

I use a combination of tools from the Adobe Design suite – Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator to create documents that are easy to read and are attractive to look at. The finalised documents can be produced for print, screen viewing and that can be read on your website if required.

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