Infograph and poster design


Posters can be punchy or subtle – and sometimes a bit of both – using colour and strong design elements to grab attention and drive your message home to a wide audience.

Design posters for South Georgia
Design posters for Gryvyken, South Georgia
Design poster of Grytviken South Georgia
Design poster for La Vida Nelson Strings
Poster designed for Youth Orchestra by Kirsten Revell Graphic Design
Poster for the Green Hill orchestra


Revell Design is always up for the challenge of transforming complex information into visual art. Infographs are a clever mix of words and pictures that tell a story quickly and concisely. Infographs work well for scientists and specialists whose research programs and results may not be easily understood by people outside their field of expertise. Revell Design has worked extensively with the aquaculture industry and, most recently, has been commissioned by scientists from Cawthron Institute to present research proposals, posters and findings.

Hoki Infographic for Sealord
Design infograph for Sealord
design Infograph for Salmon Aquaculture NZ
Poster design for Cawthron Institute
Infographic for Cawthron Institute
Man Overboard Infographic by Revell Design

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