Infograph and poster design

Infographics and Posters

Design posters for South Georgia
Design posters for Gryvyken, South Georgia

Infograph design is an excellent way of presenting complex information or data that otherwise would be difficult for someone outside your expertise or industry to understand.
Infographs are a particular passion of mine. I enjoy the challenge of interpreting data or specialised information and presenting it as a visual story that enables others to understand the messaging within it.

Infographs work well for scientists and specialists where information collected may not be particularly digestible for those outside of the industry. It is also very suitable for presenting research programmes and results. I have often designed for the aquaculture industry, developing interesting and compelling ways to put across important information and have been recently working with scientists within the Cawthron Institute to present research proposals, posters and findings.

Posters are useful when marketing your message or event to a wider audience. They provide a visually compelling and eye catching way to raise public profile and awareness.

Hoki Infographic for Sealord
Design infograph for Sealord
design Infograph for Salmon Aquaculture NZ
Poster design for Cawthron Institute
Infographic for Cawthron Institute
Man Overboard Infographic by Revell Design
Design poster for La Vida Nelson Strings
Poster designed for Youth Orchestra by Kirsten Revell Graphic Design
Poster for the Green Hill orchestra

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