Print design

Print design

Business report designed for Aquaculture New Zealand
Advertising campaign for Rezource by Revell design

Print design covers anything that is printed in hard copy: business and rack cards, letterheads and folders or advertising for magazines and newspapers. Revell Design will prepare your documents and images for specialised print processes.

Marketing Artwork

Table Talkers produced for Aquaculture New Zealand

Professional marketing materials – such as posters, table talkers, bags and table wraps – can boost your profile at conferences, trade shows and events. These innovative ways of delivering your message can make a big impact on customers and competitors. 

Reports & Proposals

Annual Report graphic design by Revell Design

Reports and proposals are an extension of your business, using text and images to record your offerings and achievements. Revell Design’s emphasis on clean, clear graphic design puts your story front and centre, just where it belongs.

Packaging & Labels

Packaging design for Sweet NZ by Revell Design

Product Packaging is about impact. If you have a fabulous product, great packaging will push you to the front of the pack. And because research shows that browsing buyers are led by design, a strong first impression and the promise of premium quality gives you a head-start for attracting new customers and repeat business.

Books & Document Layout

Design and typeset series of Books

Revell Design manages book design projects – one of our more high-profile commissions was redesigning the internationally successful Treat Your Own series by Sir Robin McKenzie. Large-scale book projects and specialised documents must be delivered on time and on budget, ready for print and publication deadlines. Achieving this level of professional excellence requires sharp organisational skills and consistent attention to detail – as well as ground-breaking graphic design.


Advertising design for Wholesale Landscapes

Advertising has changed dramatically. Now, promotional materials are used in print media and on-screen, on Facebook, EDM and websites. Revell Design understands the requirements of each and prepares files with traditional and electronic marketing strategies in mind, ensuring a  consistent approach across all media.


Design Stationery for Guard Safety

Stationery is a quiet reminder of an organisation’s identity. The priority for many new clients is the design of business cards that carry their unique stamp, and will often be the way they are remembered. Revell Design will create a professional keepsake that encapsulates the spirit of your business – a striking way to remain alive in the mind of a client.

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