Illustrations are a fun, creative way to deliver a message. This showcase of Revell Design’s work highlights the versatility of style and format on offer, including hand-drawn and computer-generated illustrations.

The progression from concept sketch to digitised diagram can be seen in the illustration of the way Phormidium mats develop and detach from river beds. This was produced in close collaboration with Cawthron Institute scientist Susie Wood.

Concept Sketch

Sketched Illustration for Cawthron Institute

Finalised Diagram

Final Illustration for Cawthron Ilnstitute

Illustrations for Ngā Koata

Ngāti Koata are the kaitiaki of the Tuatara o Takapourewa. In creating an education pack about this fascinating creature, Ngāti Koata, in association with the Ministry of Education  asked Revell Design to design and logo and provide illustrations in response to a song by John Phillips – lyrics by John Phillips and Louisa Paul.  

Inside pages Tuatara Book
Logo designed by Kirsten Revell for Ngāti Koata

State Cinemas Posters Series

In the golden poster series, State Cinemas commissioned large images for the high-profile windows of its iconic art-deco building in Nelson. Revell Design’s adaptations of historic movie themes have become a vibrant part of the inner-city arts precinct.

Poster series design for State Cinemas windows
Mertropolis Poster series design for State Cinemas windows
Poster series design for State Cinemas windows
Poster series design for State Cinemas windows

Further Illustrations

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