Logo redesign for Multicultural Nelson Tasman | Crafting a new logo

Logo redesign for Multicultural Nelson Tasman
Logo redesign for Multicultural Nelson Tasman

Revell Design is pleased to release the redesign of Multiculural Nelson Tasman's logo.

After a smooth design process, from brief to finalisation of the new logo, we are happy to say Multicultural Nelson Tasman has a logo to be proud of. 
The brief for the project was wonderful, giving background to the organisation and outlining it’s mission, vision, purpose and values. It asked that considerations be applied; that their motto be incorporated – Unity in Diversity, that the idea of humanity be highlighted – the invisible bonds we share as people, that the territorial identity is reflected  – the blue of the skies, green of the land and gold for the sands of the beaches in  the Nelson Tasman region. They also wanted to acknowledge the status of Tangata Whenua of Te Tau Ihu o te Waka, the top of the South Island. 

A brief like the one for this project allows for a depth of understanding right from the start. This saves time on false starts and gives your designer lots to work with.
If you are considering a rebrand or redesign of your logo, take some time to develop a good brief. It will not only inform your designer but give you a really clear sense of your organisation and it’s direction.