Science infographics have global impact

Seaweed stands to be one of four pillars of our New Zealand Aquaculture industry and there is so much to learn and understand about both the benefits and risks to our marine environment. Scientists at Sustainable Seas National Science Challenges and Cawthron are full steam ahead with research, contacting from time to time to create science infographics that offer clarity in relaying their findings.

I love creating science infographics. They challenge me to understand interesting concepts and fields of science in order to be able to depict them. I also enjoy working with the scientists and researchers as they are always excited and enthusiastic about their work.

This morning an email arrived to inform me that two of my infographic designs have been requested by the United Nations for use in a report on “Seaweed Farming as a Nature-Based Climate Change Solution”. This publication collates and scrutinises existing research on the quantifiable climate benefits and associated environmental and social risks of global seaweed farming.

This indicates that science infographics are an important tool in communication, allowing stakeholders and the public to quickly and succinctly understand complex concepts. It’s also exciting to me that my work is helping communicate such important work globally!

Science Infographic: Carbon cycle within a seaweed farm

Bioremediation seaweed farming

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